About The Industry System

  • Growth for Industry,
    development for the

  • SESI Education,
    Safety, Health, and Wellness

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  • Brazilian company dedicated to bring social and
    technological innovation in Education, Health and Safety
    for Industrial Workforce, that develops authentic experiences
    for the employees.

  • mediaX at Stanford University is a catalyst for industry and
    academic research partnerships on the impact of information
    and technology on society. The mediaX programs focus on how
    the relationship between people and technology can be
    enhanced, augmented and improved.



  • “The tool is excellent, it promotes interactivity, it promotes the evaluation, market perception, dialogue, rapport and also promotes synergy. It's great!"
    Jones Lima – AP
  • “I had high expectations because this is a innovative work. A colleague of ours said something very interesting. The program creates ecstasy and adrenaline and I think this will add to networking and engaging all SESI SENSI and IEL.”
    Luiza Maia – PB
  • “I'm in ecstasy and completely infatuated. I'm very excited because I realized how much I need to network and, moreover, I got to know products that I didn't. I thoroughly enjoyed the game because it is very interactive and gives us an adrenaline rush that is very similar to our work environment.”
    Marcelle Caixeta, MG
  • “Interesting, easy to apply, you realize that there will be results in the regional and operational units.”
    Renata Arcanjo - PB
  • “The tool is wonderful ... it is enticing ... it makes you wonder what is the best way to serve the customer with all the solutions that we have within the Industry System and it also motivates the team ... It boosts our willingness to work.”
    Carla Plentz, RS
  • "I had a very clear perception of the concern of my team about the time. In our work we also have to be quick so the game brought the reality of our daily actions in a playful manner."
    Dyocil Menezes – RJ
  • “I think the tool works from the moment you understand the purpose of it, which is the national engagement across the network so that we can achieve our highest goal and take care of the 250 largest clients in Brazil.”
    Eliane Ritter – PR
  • "Look ... Very good game! Screens, the whole mechanism the entire process is intuitive and I had no problems with the operation... The game was completely relevant to our project, it was entirely appropriate to what we sought to learn here today ... great training tool in our Regional."
    Flavio Rodrigues - RJ

Industry System

The National Confederation of Industry - CNI
Robson Braga de Andrade

Directorate of Communication – DIRCOM
Carlos Alberto Barreiros

Directorate of Education and Technology - DIRET
Rafael Lucchesi

Sergio Moreira
Deputy Director

Directorate of Operations - SENAI
Gustavo Leal

Directorate of Operations - SESI
Marcos Tadeu Director

Superintendence of IEL
Paulo Mol

Market Relations Management – UniMercado
Raissa Rossiter
Executive Manager

Corporate University
Cristiane Bittencourt
Executive Manager

International Relations Management – Uninter
Frederico Lamego
Executive Manager

Technical team:
Alexandre de Pina D. D. Ramos
Anamaria Villar Raposo
Ana Carolina Talamonte
Maria de Lourdes Oliveira Martins
Patrícia Barbosa Pinto
Sibele Lebtag Gobo
Thiago Endres


A national competition, involving more than 7 thousand people from CNI, has been in place for the last 12 months and the first results indicate its tremendous success. The feedback from CNI's change agents has been very positive in terms of motivation and marketing skills education for the whole community. Impact of the relational capital-building game is being evaluated as collaboration among programmatic units in different states and from different agencies has increased, in service of Brazil's companies.